New Hive EV tariff add-on ensures cheapest and greenest energy use

August 2022

Hive SmartCharge Saver, a brand-new tariff add-on supplied by British Gas and powered by Hive is being trialled by 100 customers this week. It’s an add-on that works with Hive EV charging and any British Gas tariff, using Centrica DSR’s intelligent scheduling platform to charge a customer’s EV at the cheapest, and greenest time of the day. All the customer needs to do is tell Hive, via the app, when they need their car to be charged by and Hive will do the rest.

Customers will get a discount of 2p per kWH whenever their EV is plugged in continuously for 6 hours and 7p per kWh if the car is plugged in for longer, equating to a max saving of £2.10 per full charge for 30 kWH battery and up to £4.20 saving for a 60kWh battery.

We’re getting closer to the ban on new petrol and diesel vehicles and with petrol prices at an all- time high, some people may be considering the switch to an electric vehicle. However, it is evident from our research that there’s still confusion around EV charging, particularly when it comes to costs. This is one of the reasons we’re launching the trial of the EV SmartCharge Saver tariff add-on, with the aim of making it available to all EV-owning customers in the future. As a responsible, trusted supplier, it’s our job to ensure our customers are on the most energy and cost-efficient rates and this new add-on aims to do just that helping customers save money on running an electric car. We understand the move to electric cars can be daunting, so we want to make the transition as simple as possible for those where home charging is an option

If you’d like to find out more about this project – or about how Centrica DSR can help you – get in touch to speak with one of our experts.

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In a nutshell

Hive and British Gas trial a new tariff add-on for EV drivers to intelligently schedule their charging.


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