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Energy is changing. Revolutionary new innovations like Demand Side Response (DSR), combined with IoT and AI are making energy more flexible – and creating new ways for organisations and consumers to use it, store it and trade it. Centrica DSR is a world-leading flexibility platform that connects you to the smarter future of energy.

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Why choose Centrica DSR?

The Centrica DSR platform is already connecting thousands of devices in people’s homes – from smart electric heating and hot water tanks to EV chargers and batteries.

By intelligently optimising when each device uses, stores and releases energy, we can connect communities of energy users to create Virtual Power Plants big enough to play a significant role in the national grid.

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Virtual Power Plants - Real-world benefits

Centrica DSR can help achieve a more sustainable and reliable electricity system. And for connected consumers, it could mean everyday energy that’s smarter, greener and cheaper.

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Who we can help

Appliance & device manufacturers and service providers

Increase sales and diversify your products by joining a flexible trading community that lets end users benefit from time-of-use and bespoke-device tariffs.

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  • Maximise returns with a world-leading virtual power plant – either cloud-to-cloud or via local connections.
  • Be part of British Gas net zero installation roll out in the UK, which is making carbon reduction affordable for energy customers.


Bring more value to your customers by helping them experience the benefits of our virtual power plant.

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  • Extend your advantage beyond equipment install and develop long term, reoccurring revenue streams.
  • Give customers access to a wider range of flexible-energy tariffs and rewards in the future.

European energy suppliers and BRPs (Brand-Responsible Party)

We'll help you serve customer flexibility needs by optimising their energy costs and capturing untapped value.

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  • Solidify your position as the point of contact. for your customers.
  • Diversify your business models.
  • Benefit from portfolio services from your end customers.

Energy communities

Our platform can help your consumers achieve energy optimisation across their assets.

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  • Benefit from our automated steering to help manage your smart grid.
  • We can also help you with connectivity, market access, revenue management, monitoring, settings, ancillary services and energy markets.

Builders and developers

We can help you design homes to minimise energy use and meet Future Homes Standards.

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  • Enable your customers to achieve competitive energy tariffs.
  • Provide buyers with an easy-to-use app for home energy management.

Social housing and landlords

Get greater control of communal and private energy assets, while generating revenue through optimisation.

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  • Become a leader in energy innovation, enhance your corporate social responsibility and help create a more resilient, sustainable energy system.
  • Help your tenants to be on appropriate tariffs with the right metering, for future-proofed access to our flexible tariffs.

Views and insights

Mixergy has benefitted hugely from our relationship with Centrica DSR through their pioneering platform, which enables our hot water tanks to absorb surplus renewable energy from the power network. The system is scalable, secure and resilient and will, we believe, become an indispensable asset to the grid in future by facilitating the UK’s transition to net zero.

Blogs and research

Accounts of our energy innovation projects and expert opinions on how to solve some of the biggest challenges in energy.

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Success stories

Across the globe, Centrica DSR helps businesses achieve smarter ways of using their energy. 

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Latest news

We are excited to announce the launch of the British Gas Dimplex Quantum Tariff, the UK’s most advanced electric storage heating tariff for use with the Dimplex Quantum Storage Heater. The British Gas Dimplex Quantum Tariff is a first-of-its-kind smart tariff for the Quantum storage heaters. It can offer lower rates than typical Economy 7 tariffs thanks to the heaters’ capability to allow Centrica DSR to charge Quantum heaters when electricity costs are lowest on the grid… Read more


Interested in working in the future of energy? We're currently recruiting for positions across data science and software engineering in the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands. Check out our latest vacancies by searching DSR on our careers site.


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